DeveloperISH initiatives: Dev to PM, w/ Charles Kithika @ckithika

DeveloperISH initiatives: Dev to PM, w/ Charles Kithika @ckithika

Today, we are all about career moves. Specifically switching hats from Software Engineer to Product Manager.

Our lead speaker's professional journey began a decade ago from Software Engineer to Engineering Manager to Technical Product Manager to Product Manager and now Chief Innovation and Product Officer at Longhorn Publishers.

I'm talking about none other than (drum rolls) Charles Kithika.


We were live on Youtube. Check it out for the full conversation.

Key takeaways:

  1. Speaker Bio info. Give him a shoutout on Twitter .
  2. Who is a PM?
  3. Day to day of a PM - Task Prioritization and data-based decision making being on top on the list.
  4. Preparation and transition to the PM role, things to do before the switch.
  5. Do's and Don'ts on the Job.

Check out the slides for more.

Q/A highlights:

  1. How do I step up to act as a PM in a company that doesn't have one? and how do I balance being a PM and a dev?

  2. How do you as a PM handle a demotivated team especially after missing a deadline or getting a bad review on the progress you thought was amazing?

  3. How to handle any tension between Engineers and PMs?

  4. How should developers interact with PMs?

In case you have questions that were not addressed, hit the comment section to receive feedback on the same. We look forward to comments here or on Youtube about what topics you would like us to speak about next.

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