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DeveloperISH Initiatives: Vim as an IDE for focused development, w/ Kaka Ruto @kaka_ruto

DeveloperISH Initiatives: Vim as an IDE for focused development, w/ Kaka Ruto @kaka_ruto

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Maggie Rain
·Jul 29, 2020·

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Collin Ruto graced our workshop Wednesday session by leading a conversation on how Vim improves productivity.

Collins is a software engineer, Internet entrepreneur, and strong proponent of documentation and TDD (Test Driven Development). All this can only be achieved by eliminating distractions and minimizing context switching making Vim his tool of choice.

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We were live on Youtube. Check it out for the full conversation.

Key takeaways:

  1. Speaker's Bio. Give him a shoutout @kaka_ruto on Twitter.

  2. Tips to customize and configure Vim as desired to suit your style.

  3. How to get all you work goals executed through a Shell i.e Create, Read, Update, and Delete with Vim.

  4. Resources on Vim to help you build your muscle memory to achieve speed, productivity, and focus.

  5. Check out the slides for more.

Q/A highlights:

  • What are some of the plugins used to make Vim more appealing to users?

In case you have questions that were not addressed, hit the comment section to receive feedback on the same. We look forward to comments here or on Youtube about what topics you would like us to speak about next.

Stay tuned for more workshop forums like this every first Wednesday of every month. Watch our other sessions in this playlist.


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