DeveloperISH Initiatives: Best Practices of Consulting as a Software Developer, w/ Charles Kithika @ckithika

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Consulting or Freelancing is a great way to get work or make extra cash in Software Development and in our most recent Workshop Wednesday, we covered some great tips and best practices that can help you improve at Consulting as a Software Developer.

Our Speaker is non-other than Charles Kithika, an experienced Software Developer, Product Manager and Chief Innovation and Product Officer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Charles will be taking us through several concepts a consultant needs to be familiar with from starting out, finding and growing your market, project management and handling your clients.


The talk is very informative and will cover a variety of concepts that will be useful to consultants in a variety of fields. You can find the talk slides here and watch the video call on YouTube here:

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Carlson Kamau's photo

Hey this was super amazing and thank you so much for the talk. The slides have been deleted, please check on that. : ) thanks a ton.