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Preparing an Online Dev Workshop

Ryan Marvin
Mar 8, 202114 min read 89 views

For the past year, I’ve been the facilitator for the Workshop Wednesdays initiative at the Developerish Community. We’ve had close to a dozen software-development-related workshops online and I have learnt a lot, having both presented and facilitat...

Preparing an Online Dev Workshop
DeveloperISH Initiatives: Best Practices of Consulting as a Software Developer, w/ Charles Kithika @ckithika
DeveloperISH Initiatives: Vim as an IDE for focused development, w/ Kaka Ruto @kaka_ruto
DeveloperISH Initiatives: Fast Prototyping with Firebase & Redux Hooks, w/ Hoslack @_amondi__
DeveloperISH Initiatives: Introduction to Typescript, w/ Mercy Muchai @muchaimercy_
DeveloperISH initiatives: Dev to PM, w/ Charles Kithika @ckithika